Was it mentioned that we really like wine? This is the beverage that helped hatch the entire idea of BarVino. We are all about Old World Wines, New Worlds Wines, Sparkling Wines, and Fortified Wines just to name few of the big types of wine out there. If you have no idea what New world and Old World means, don’t worry its simple. For the sake of brevity, the Old World is France, Spain, Italy, and Portugal. The new world is the rest of the globe.

Its our goal to represent to all the major wine producing regions in the world and all those region’s different styles of wines. In addition, we like to find smaller or lesser known regions or types of wine that we think are especially great so we can share those too.

This section would simply be excessively long if we tried to explain the entire world of wine……so in lieu of that, we encourage you to pay us a visit and start your wine journey.

One last thing that we are very adamant as it has to do with wine is glassware and serving temperature. When possible, wine should be consumed at the proper temperature and of out of a good glass. We will always try serve our wines out the best glass that is reasonable for the occasion. Proudly and exclusively using Riedel wine glasses.

wine glass

The Wine Programs

Wine tastings and wine clubs are a big focus for us. These are the tools we plan to use to help educate and entertain our valued patrons. Wine Club

  • Two bottles of carefully selected wines available for pick up on the 1st of each month
  • 10% Discount on all purchases from BarVino
  • Advanced opportunity to sign up for the monthly tasting at a discounted rate
  • Exclusive access to special products and private events
  • Opportunity to reserve tables and private rooms


Wine Club Choices

  • $40 per month
  • $220 per Six Months (save $20)
  • $420 per Twelve Months (save $40)
  • Double to club and save more, twice as much wine each month and save an additional $40


Premium Wine Club

  • One special bottle of wine on the 1st of every month instead of two
  • All costs and benefits are the same as the wine club
  • Become a member of both clubs and enjoy and additional 5% off all purchases