The People

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About Us

BarVino was created to be a fun, friendly, and safe place to enjoy drinks and small plates with family and friends. We think everyone should have a comfortable, clean place to briefly get away from the grind of life. No commercials, no advertising, no TVs overtaking your conversation. If you need a break from loud over crowed chain restaurants, your in-laws, your kids, or from co-workers, BarVino is the place to get away.

BarVino is a very simple name. The two parts say it all. It is a bar and we are focused on VINO. Focused on wine but we also provide hand crafted cocktails and a large beer selection. We really enjoy delicious wine and delicious wine is always better with the right accompaniments. We also serve small plates and appetizers that are meant to be shared around your table. Wine and food together have a magical ability to keep friends and family together for longer. We hope that this combination can be enjoyed at our place so your time together can be even more carefree and memorable.

We have wines from all over the world. We want to provide a very exhaustive selection of wines at all price points and styles. Again, wine is our focus! The BarVino team knows just enough about all of the aforementioned to know at least one thing, relying on the industry leaders from around the region, the country, and the world for advice and suggestions is a sensible thing to do. We drive the bus but occasionally ask for a little direction along the way. We might not be able to pull things off as perfectly as Bobby Flay, Fred Dame, Robert Parker, or Jerry Thomas, but we are sure going to learn from them. We want to pull ideas and inspiration from abroad so we can put our own mid continent spin on them and make them unique. Wine is fun and very easy to learn about if you have the right resource. BarVino is that resource. Our number one goal is to make wine easy, approachable, and stress free. It’s wine, just drink it. Learning about new regions, new grapes, and new people is one of things that makes the world of wine so much fun. The passion that we have to do our very best with every aspect of this endeavor is what really makes BarVino special. We don’t want to settle, we don’t want to be mediocre. From that passion, along with a few glasses of wine, BarVino was born.

BarVino’s mission is to make people happy and we want to keep doing it.

The People

“Family is not an important thing. It’s everything.”

-Michael J. Fox

BarVino is very much a family affair. This project would have never left the ground without all the amazing support that has come from friends, family, and the community. More than a few hardworking families from our area have collaborated to bring this amazing asset to downtown Jefferson City. The strong family and community relationships that we have developed are our most cherished possessions. Those relationships only grow stronger with time. Ran by locals, owned by locals. We love to have fun and spend time with those whom we love. And for some reason we tend to love all those people just a little more when wine is involved.

“Families are like the shoots of a grape vine. We all grow in different directions, but our roots hold us together and keep us grounded.”


The People - About Us

The Products

“Great design will not sell an inferior product, but it will enable a great product to achieve its maximum potential.”
-Tom Watson

We want the three basic products that we are selling to be the best that we provide. In order of importance to us, those products are; service, libations, and food. Without all of those things being really good its hard to have a truly great experience. Our goal is for every patron to have awesome experience every visit. We can't wait to meet you !