A great saying about beer as it relates to wine is; “It takes a lot of beer to make good wine.” Many a great winemakers have recited that little saying.

Our stance on our beer selection is slightly different then it is on our wine selection. We want to represent beers from all over the world but our main focus for beer is a little more localized. The smaller breweries are our focus. We also want to be able to provide the exact beer that anyone wants but there is one big limitation. We will always serve fresh beer and because of that we are sometimes limited to only a few brands of a particular style. BarVino will always try to support local breweries when possible and local distributors for that matter. Going back the importance of the relationships and family, its hard to build a relationship with a supplier or distribution partner who has their head quarters on the coast or even out of the country.

We will have eight to ten beers on tap and a very diverse selection of bottled beers to choose from. Even though wine is our focus we hop to also host beer tastings and events as well.