A great cocktail can be an amazing thing and we hope that our cocktail program keeps you coming back for more. Simple and fresh ingredients that are lovingly joined together is the base for an awesome cocktail. We aren’t just buying the cheapest booze and infoozling flavors in jugs. We are using premium products, TLC, and creativity for the foundation of our featured drinks. We hope you like our versions of the classics as well.

Cocktail Menu

Vino Moda 
Four roses bourbon
Red wine simple syrup
Peychauds bitters
Orange bitters
One rock

JC ’25
One sugar cube
Dash the Ango 
Orange infused cognac
Topped with dry bubbly
Orange peel garnish

Smoke ‘em if You Got Them… AKA Thank You For Smoking
This Drink is known to the state of CA to cause fun, laughter, and  a little bit of smoke duh. 
Cimarron Tequila Blanco (why would we use anything else?)
Spicy simple syrup 
Dash the Lemon/Lime bitters
Top ginger beer

The Route 54 
Real Lemon Vodka-So fancy, Premium vodka add lemon peel…..
Grenadine (not roses) 
Dry Curacao

On the Hill
1.5 ounces cognac
.5 ounce rye
.25 ounces St. Germaine
.25 ounces honey ss
.5 ounce amatadillo sherry 
2 dashes herb bitters
large rock/dof
herb garnish

Across the Islay
1 oz Compass Box Artist Scotch
.25 oz Compass Box Glasgow Scotch
.5 oz Plantation Overproof Rum
.25 oz Lucano Amaro
.5 oz Benedictine
roasted rosemary garnish

The Lime Light
2 ounces gin
.75 ounce lime juice
.25 ounce Liquor Strega
.5 ounce Cocchi Americano
1 egg white 
dry shake/wet shake/double strain
Lime wheel garnish

Tie My Tie
2 ounces cinnamon infused rum
.5 ounce orgeat
.25 ounce grenadine
.25 ounce OJ 
.25 ounce Pineapple
.75 ounce Lime
5 mint leaves
Mint sprig/shaved cinnamon garnish